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House commenter and contributor Brendon Bouzard speaks from the heart about the Roman Polanski situation. An excerpt:

"As I saw from an e-mail this morning, and I see in this post on Jezebel, a bevy of major international and Hollywood filmmakers have signed various petitions in support of Roman Polanski, asking for the Swiss government to release him. The argument this petition seems to make is that Polanski is a great artist, and how dare they use his lifetime achievement award at the Zurich Film Festival to arrest him, and so and so forth.

"Many of the filmmakers who have signed this petition are people whose work I've greatly admired over the years—people like David Lynch, the Dardenne Brothers, Pedro Almodóvar. It's so difficult for me to reconcile the Lynch who made Mulholland Drive, a cinematic criticism of the way that Hollywood and the film industry mistreats and abuses women with the Lynch that would sign a petition like this. Or the Almodóvar who made Volver, a film about the strength of women in the aftermath of sexual molestation. Or the Dardennes who have made such strongly moral films about crime and the need for absolution and repentance."

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