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1. The sad, sad death of Natasha Richardson continues to dominate the film and culture blogosphere, including these takes from Nathaniel R. and Edward Copeland (quoted below). For thoughts on the actress from the House's Sheila O'Malley, just scroll up.

[" Her film career was rather light and she tended to concentrate on the stage and being a mom. I was fortunate enough to see her on Broadway twice. The first time was in her Tony-winning turn as Sally Bowles in the revival of Cabaret. I've never been that big a fan of the movie version of Cabaret, it always felt as if something was missing. The revival opened it up for me as a piece that had much more to it than just a great score. While most of the cast of the revival were great, Richardson was the true standout."]


2. Happy final Battlestar day! Begin your preparations for the finale by reading Maureen Ryan's account of the show's panel at the United Nations (no, really!). Also at Ryan's blog is a review of the promising new Starz comedy Party Down.

["The panel, which included executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick and stars Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos as well as four U.N. officials, was organized by the U.N. as part of a new effort to link the organization's concerns to the creative community. It was held in the Economic and Social Council Chamber, an imposing room full of rows of delegate seating facing a dais on one end of the room. In the audience were fans of the show, network executives, members of the media and more than 100 high school students, who were there representing Think Quest NYC, an educational outreach project. "]


3. The Movie Geeks United talk with Jon Voight on the debut of a long lost Hal Ashby film at the upcoming Sarasota Film Festival.

["Remarkable on many fronts, the 1982 comedy—which was co-written by Jon—also marked the screen debut of his then-five-year-old daughter, Angelina Jolie. For the first time ever, Jon reveals the inspiration for Angie's character."]


4. The Top 7 Best Beginnings. Games Radar takes a look at seven video games that draw you into their worlds swiftly and confidently, including one of my favorites, Fallout 3.

["You are born. You grow up. You play and you study. You make friends, stand up to bullies and develop crushes. You go to school, go to birthday parties and go to your ol' dad for fatherly advice. You try to find your place in society. All in all, you live an extraordinarily ordinary childhood. Shame about that nuclear apocalypse, though."]


5. Terrafugia Achieves Maiden Flight. I know that whenever someone travels to the future in the movies, everyone's always driving flying cars. But does anyone really WANT a flying car? I mean, have we sat down and really thought about this? Also, doesn't it sort of look like a VW Bug and a small aircraft had a baby?

["Ever since my first visit to Terrafugia's Woburn, MA, warehouse last May to see the startup's Transition "roadable aircraft," I've been pestering CEO Carl Dietrich to clue us in about the craft's first flight. He was always a bit cagey, saying that the maiden flight wouldn't be announced in advance and that the press wouldn't be invited, for safety and security reasons. (That's understandable, I guess—I wouldn't want me around either, if something went wrong.)"]


Quote of the Day:

"What you cannot say, you must above all not keep silent, but write."—Jacques Derrida


Image of the Day (click to enlarge): Brittney Nance and her children Henry, 5, and Izabella, 7, walk through the parking lot of their hotel on the way to the grocery store March 5, 2009 in West Sacramento, California. All five family members live in a small studio sized room with most of their belongings. (From Justin Phillips of Getty Images and a Boston Globe photo-essay on the recession found here.)


Clip of the Day: I don't know why bands today always have to have videos set in elementary school classrooms, but I quite like this Frightened Rabbit song.

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