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By John Lichman, Matt Prigge, and Vadim Rizov

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Hello Philadelphia!

This was the last podcast we did before engaging in a bit of a recording hiatus before our upcoming Oscar Pre-Podcast this week or next, depending on our ability to get in one place. Rather than do a pre-interview with Matt Prigge (Philadelphia Weekly) who was in town to catch Jeanne Dielman at Film Forum, Vadim and I were horribly and painfully hungover. Like seriously, this may have been the worst hangover either of us ever fought through.

Except for myself—that honor would come the following day after a night of karaoke honoring our friend Kevin Lee, whose awful photos you can find here. And yes, I now own my own brand of Shochu: Lichiko Shochu, for when you definitely want to be slurring along words to FallOut Boy songs while vomiting in a bathroom and then discussing relationships with the bouncer before taking a cab back to Greenpoint, forgetting where you live, and wandering around for about twenty-five minutes.

That day was the single worst hangover ever.

Before all that, we pimp out Prigge (pronounced—OMG, world exclusive here—PRE-GG-EH) for thoughts on Taken, we discuss how awesome Mike D'Angelo at Cannes will be (Vadim ranks me at a 52. Matt gives me a 25. I give me 2.) But best of all? This is one of the most insane, ADD-frenetic podcasts we've ever had. And it's horribly racist! Just like director Ken Loach is!

We make fun of dead Jews, the Holocaust, Liam Neeson, lesbianism, hangovers, the ratings system, Emmanuelle the Book, 70s 3D Porn, Snubbed Oscar Songs, do horribly racist M.I.A. impressions, and mock the dead.

So with that note, if you ever see Vadim or myself at the bar, buy us a drink! John Lichman

Podcast is embedded below. Any problems, it can also be found here as a downloadable mp3 file. (TRT: 55 minutes 40 seconds)



John Lichman is a freelance writer in New York who once broke Digg. He will work for your pennies, scraps and list-making needs.

Matt Prigge has been a film critic for roughly three eons at
Philadelphia Weekly. He also sporadically maintains

Vadim Rizov is a New York-based freelance writer. His work has appeared in The Village Voice, The Onion AV Club and Paste Magazine, among others.

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