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1. "Tom Snyder, one of a kind": Missed this yesterday in all the brouhaha.

["Before he was encased in that peculiar amber known as the celebrity impersonation—that is, before he became the late-late-night talk show host whose actual self was subsumed in Dan Aykroyd's famous parody in the early days of "Saturday Night Live"—Tom Snyder was an L.A. anchorman."]


2. "De Düva: The Dove": A parody of Bergman, featuring Madeline Kahn. And Rob Humanick reminds us of a time when you could meet Ingmar for a quarter.

["This short film is a parody of some of Ingmar Bergman's best known films, including Wild Strawberries (Smultronstaellet) and The Seventh Seal (Det Sjunde Inseglet). The dialog, seemingly in Swedish, is actually a Swedish-accented fictional language based on English, German, Latin, and Swedish, with most nouns ending in "ska". The principal character, Professor Viktor Sundqvist, 76, is being driven to a lecture at the university, when dove droppings splatter the car's windshield. Detouring at his uncle's old house, his mind wanders back to his youth, when Death came to a family picnic to claim his sister, Inga. Knowing that Death is a gambler, Viktor has Inga challenge Death to a single-point game of badminton for her life."]


3. "Police attack gangs with Bach, Beethoven": The original gangstas.

["City authorities, fed up with gang activity in public places, are taking Bach their bus stop."]


4. "Colossal Youth": Fernando F. Croce reviews Pedro Costa's film for Slant Magazine.

["Walking into Colossal Youth without any knowledge of Pedro Costa's work feels akin to watching The Mirror without having ever seen a Tarkovsky film; in both cases, there's the shock of an augustly personal, even private style that would have been impenetrable if not for the piercingly fierce emotions that pull the viewer into them."]


5. "Brendon to 'Online Film Community': "Seriously, dudes?"": Brendon Bouzard reacts to the Online Film Community's Top 100 Movies list. Also Edward Copeland.

["Let's stir up some shit."]


Clip of the Day: Psycho Waldo (danke Jim Emerson)

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