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1.Five reviews by MZS:

The Inquisition in Spain: Expected and Even Hailed - Goya's Ghost

They're All Through With Love, Yet Searching for More - Time

Adolescent Concepts of Beauty - Cashback

On the Road - Walking to Werner

Finding a New Calling in Grass Skirts - Hula Girls

from Goya's Ghost:
["By recreating Inquisition brutality, "Goya's Ghosts" aims to denounce the West's bludgeoning response to terrorism. But its rhetorical tactics are jejune; its comparison of 21st-century America and Inquisition-era Spain doesn't track; and its second half abandons satire for half-baked historical melodrama."]


2.Jeremiah Kipp reviews Sunshine.

["Ever the cinematic stylist, director Danny Boyle goes for strong visual choices including transposing claustrophobic shots from inside an astronaut's helmet to the overwhelming vastness of outer space. But despite all that talent on display, Sunshine is a philosophical blank slate."]


3.Alonso Duralde reviews I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

["Subtlety and intelligence are rarely the hallmark of Hollywood movies, so it's certainly likely that I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry will both make money and maybe even win a few straight hearts and minds along the way. Bully for it if it does. But movies that are this stupid about gay life, made by straight people, exist as object lessons of why it's so very important that queer artists tell our own stories from our own point of view. "]


4.Wizard day for publishing's biggest event. More on the Harry Potter craze.

["A study by the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, showed that the number of children aged 7-15 attending casualty wards fell from an average of 67 to 37 when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was published on July 16, 2005"]


5.The Rued Morgue continues its 007 in '007 series with Dr. No with a special guest contributor.

["As much as I enjoyed watching Daniel Craig reboot the character and start the developmental process from getting his double 0, honing his taste for inebriants, learning the place of love in the workplace, etc...I couldn't help but think that as the end credits for Casino Royale rolled, the Bond character was ready to emerge again as the final product that is Sean Connery in Dr. No."]


Clip of the Day: from The Nutty Professor - the transition into Buddy Love - in German. Tonight, make it an Alaskan Polar Bear Heater!
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