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1. "The Shark Gets a Facelift": The Fonz is not pleased.

["I would update Jump The Shark from a computer in my house every evening since 1997. And I would always wonder how good the site could be if it had the right resources behind it. The site began with a few comments on roughly 200 shows. Now it features countless comments from TV fans all over the world on almost 3,000 programs. When I teamed with TV Guide, I realized it was time for Jump The Shark to get a facelift. But I didn't want to sacrifice form over functionality. The result is now up and running at, and here are just a few of the new features I'm really proud of:"]


2. "Casting Rumor: Damon, Brody & Sinise for Kirk, Spock & McCoy": The good will hunting pianist says it's Jimmy Shaker day.

["Now that the film is a go, the casting (and therefore the casting rumors) can begin in earnest. IGN is reporting that Paramount are in talks with Matt Damon, Adrian Brody and Gary Sinise to play 'the big 3 of Kirk, Spock and McCoy in Star Trek XI."]


3. "From France, with Self-Love": Ed Gonzalez on Lincoln Center's "Rendez-Vous with French Cinema" series.

["Less politically engaged and geographically far-flung than usual, Lincoln Center's spotty Rendez-Vous With French Cinema insinuates that a nation of filmmakers is forging inward with fiercer self-determination than ever before. An off-putting amour propre may linger in the program's air, but this year's sampling of Gallic cinema is not without its pleasures, not least of which is Benoît Jacquot's The Untouchable."]


4. "Beyond Inland: Searching for great films shot on video": Help out House contributor Kevin Lee if you can.

["I still stand by my argument that there is video work as fascinating and challenging as Inland Empire but doesn't benefit from the name brand to make it fashionable viewing. But maybe I need to have my memory jarred. So if anyone can recommend great narrative films shot on video or HD format, and especially those that make good use of the rough and tumble aesthetic prescribed by Lynch, please mention them here."]


5. "Japan mixes robotics with tea time": From MSNBC.

["Japan is pretty serious about robotics. If the droids are going to fit in, they probably need to learn the Japanese custom of serving tea. Fortunately, researchers at the University of Tokyo are exploring just that. In a demonstration this week, a humanoid with camera eyes made by Kawada Industries Inc. poured tea from a bottle into a cup. Then another robot on wheels delivered the cup of tea in an experimental room that has sensors embedded in the floor and sofa as well as cameras on the ceiling, to simulate life with robot technology."]
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