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Gimme a Jingle!

Gimme a Jingle!

Each Thursday, NBC declares, "Next week on The Apprentice, the Donald will do/say/think/gesture/insinuate something that he's never done/said/thought/gestured/insinuated before!" And each week we're disappointed. (The producers at UPN, however, apparently don't cry wolf, as last week's coming attractions for America's Next Top Model showed Tyra "Humble Pie" Banks screaming, "Shut the fuck up you insolent, piece of shit coat hanger!"—okay, well that's not an exact quote, but, as Alynda Wheat points out in this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly, "Tyra neglects to use her 'inside voice' when one of the Barbies acts a fool.") The one thing this season of The Apprentice does have is Tana Goertz, a 37-year-old mother of two from Des Moines, IA. With Erin and Angie out of the running (and the 26-year-old Kendra a non-threat), Tana could be Trump's next Carolyn—who, by the way, deserves her own show. Tana has yet to find herself on the chopping block and the bottom-line-oriented Trump isn't stupid: Choosing three white men in a row is unlikely to help his sagging ratings. Here are some reasons we love Tana:

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